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As the weekend’s edging closer and closer, I’d like to share a lovely YA contemporary romance novel by Shani Petroff, Finding Mr. Better-Than-You, with you all. You can expect basic info about the book, the author, teasers, my review, and a giveaway for a chance to win a physical copy of this book. 🙂

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Title: Finding Mr. Better-Than-You

Author: Shani Petroff

Published by: Swoon Reads

Publication Date: Jan. 14th, 2020

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance


A heartbroken teen, with the help of her best friends, goes on a quest to find the perfect boyfriend, and in the end learns that some things are more important than boys in Shani Petroff’s fun YA contemporary novel Finding Mr. Better-Than-You.

Camryn has been dating Marc FOREVER—since freshman year! She dropped out of volleyball to go to all his games, switched her schedule around to be in his favorite class, and has been busting her butt to get into Columbia so they can go to the same college. So when Marc suddenly, and very publically, breaks up with her a week into their senior year so that he can date the new transfer student, she’s absolutely devastated.

But why be sad, when you can get even? Inspired by her favorite movies, Camryn decides that the best revenge is a Senior Year well lived, starring a boy who is ever so much better than her ex. With a little help from her friends, Cam is going to have the Best. Senior. Year. Ever.

Or else! (Partly from Goodreads)

Alternative Synopsis:

Camryn Roth has it all planned out: a perfect senior year with her friends and then it’s off to Columbia with her boyfriend, Marc. But the first week of school, everything falls apart. Not only does she not have enough extracurriculars for her dream school, her relationship falls to pieces when Marc publically dumps her!

With the help of her two best friends, Camryn is determined to pull her life back together. Step one, more extracurriculars. Step two, get over Marc and find someone better.

Shani Petroff’s newest rom-com is a love letter to friendship: to those who help you find your true self, stand by you no matter what, and support your plans even when they know they’re doomed.

Praise for Shani Petroff:

“Fans of holiday movies, rom-coms, and ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ will enjoy My New Crush Gave to Me . . . Petroff’s festive story will have readers baking gingerbread cookies and buñuelos at any time of year.” —VOYA, on My New Crush Gave to Me

“A worthwhile read. Flirty and fun.” —Booklist, on Romeo & What’s Her Name

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My Review

***Actual Rating: 3/5 Self-Caring Stars***

Judging from the cover (yes, I do that a lot), Finding Mr. Better-Than-You does look like the kind of books I usually enjoy savoring, if not devouring from the moment I get my hands on it. Thus, color me shock when I realized this book wasn’t what it seemed.

To be honest, I was half expecting there to be at least a little romance between the main characters, because wasn’t it what the book title was suggesting??? Much to my surprise, this book actually took the advantage of “finding Mr. Better-than-You” to seek self-proclaimed and aimed at bettering oneself.

That being said, even though there weren’t nearly enough romantic, sweet moments in this book for me, I still managed to finish reading the rest of the book. I’ve got to admit that this book let me down…just a wee bit…but I did appreciate how strong and courageous the female main character, Camryn, was. She was able to piece back her broken heart and rotten high school life together mostly by herself and with a little help from her friends. She was such a positive role model, who bore the magic to empower women and to some extent, made the world all the more better. 🙂

Anyway, Camryn was indeed a figure worth looking up to and I hope everyone would still give this book a shot. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll end up loving it!

***Thanks to Xpresso Book Tours and the author for the review opportunity.***

About the Author


Shani Petroff is a writer living in New York City. Please visit her website at

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Alrighty, folks! I think that’s everything for today’s tour stop. I hope you had a great time wandering around and wish you a fabulous weekend in advance.

See ya soon,

Jasmine 🙂

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