Rating System

Hmm…although most people are more familiar with the rating system on Goodreads, I prefer half-star-rating-system. With 5 stars tops.

★★★★★: 4.5~5 stars. Perfect, flawless, and fabulous books. Pure awesomeness.

★★★★: 3.5~4 stars. Generally, the story is quite impressive but with minor flaws.

★★★: 2.5~3 stars. Just fine. Not bad and not good, either.

★★: 1.5~2 stars. Meh. Dislike the plot and characters.

★: .5~1 star. NEVER READ THEM AGAIN. A total waste of time when reading it.

My standard for the so-called “good books” that are worth reading are those I give more than 4 stars. For some people, 4 seems like a bit strict, but I personally enjoy reading them on average.

Last thing, I seldom give a book less than 2 stars because I won’t pick it up if its rating on Goodreads isn’t more than 3 stars in the first place. I have no intention to waste my time reading something I know I’ll be disappointed eventually. 😛