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The Liebstar Award!

liebster award

Hello, peeps! As you may know, I haven’t posted any tags or bloggers’ awards for quite a long time…*actually, I’ve only celebrated it once, and it was something similar called “The Liebster Award.” If you’re interested, please click here!* If memory serves, I still have two tags to do which I’ve been postponing for months. *Oops* Anyway, first thing first, this time I was nominated by the dearest friend, Karina from afirepages , and I’m beyond thrilled to accept this award! Thank you so much, Karina!!! :-* Continue reading “The Liebstar Award!”

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WOW! Liebster Award!

It’s the second award I was nominated by one of my favorite bloggers, The Girl in Boots!

Thank you so much, dear! I’m so grateful to receive such an amazing award. 🙂

So what I’m going to do is to explain how this award works and talk more about myself in the following article. Hopefully you’ll know me well by the end of this one!

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