Read-to-Review | Circus Hearts 3: All Aces by Ellie Marney

all aces


How are y’all doing? I’m busy as usual but I do start to get the hang of everything in life so hopefully things are truly looking up this time. ๐Ÿ˜› All right, let’s cut to the chase! In case you have no idea what this book I’m sharing my thoughts with you today is about, here’s its synopsis from Goodreads:

42324121A teenage contortionist and a young cardsharp risk danger to right a family legacy of injustice…

Nineteen-year-old contortionist Ren Putri is committed to circus, study and self-discipline โ€“ in that order. But after being rescued from a carnival fire by cardsharp Zep Deal, sheโ€™s overwhelmed by some highly disorderly thoughts. Zep has a history of trouble, and now heโ€™s been suspected of sabotaging the circus thatโ€™s become his whole life. Ren is already coping with family, and keeping secrets of her own โ€“ but she canโ€™t resist a mystery. Will Renโ€™s penchant for solving puzzles bring the case against Zep to rights, or will digging further into the bad blood between rival carnivals only put them both in danger?

Dark YA romance, with a criminal twist – Circus Hearts: Step. Right. Up.

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Read-to-Review: I Believe In A Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

31145133Desi Lee believes anything is possible if you have a plan. Thatโ€™s how she became student body president. Varsity soccer star. And itโ€™s how sheโ€™ll get into Stanford. Butโ€”sheโ€™s never had a boyfriend. In fact, sheโ€™s a disaster in romance, a clumsy, stammering humiliation magnet whose botched attempts at flirting have become legendary with her friends. So when the hottest human specimen to have ever lived walks into her life one day, Desi decides to tackle her flirting failures with the same zest sheโ€™s applied to everything else in her life. She finds guidance in the Korean dramas her father has been obsessively watching for yearsโ€”where the hapless heroine always seems to end up in the arms of her true love by episode ten. Itโ€™s a simple formula, and Desi is a quick study. Armed with her โ€œK Drama Steps to True Love,โ€ Desi goes after the moody, elusive artist Luca Drakosโ€”and boat rescues, love triangles, and staged car crashes ensue. But when the fun and games turn to true feels, Desi finds out that real love is about way more than just drama. (From: Goodreads)

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