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Happy weekend, lovely people! It’s been a while since I posted something here but life has become more and more hectic due to the heavy workload. I’m back at working almost 12 hours a day and we had to work six days last week so not much time to engage at all. 😥

Despite the fact that I barely have time to hang around in the book community, there’s no way I’ll skip this amazing opportunity spreading the word about my latest favorite read, The Day He Went Away, by Jennifer Millikin, an incredibly talented author I’ve come to love ever since I read Good on Paper last year.

This book totally wrecked me but I still couldn’t recommend it enough. That being said, what are we waiting for? Let’s get this party started, shall we?


Not sure if you noticed, but this is the brand-new makeover cover for this beautiful book! I personally love this new look much more than its original one so everything’s perfect. 🙂

Title: The Day He Went Away

Author: Jennifer Millikin

Initial release day: Nov. 10th, 2016

Re-launch day: Feb. 11th, 2020

Genres: New Adult, Contemporary Romance


It took 20 years for perfectionist PR pro Kate Masters to fall for her best friend, Army scout Ethan Shepherd, but only seconds for their lives to shatter. When an ill-fated deployment cuts short Ethan’s life, Kate’s perfectly planned future vanishes. Heart in pieces, Kate abandons who she is for a reckless and dangerous existence.

Army medic Nick Hunter made a promise to Ethan, his brother-in-arms, before tragedy ripped his friend away. Upon leaving the military, Nick moves to Ethan’s hometown, his determination to uphold his promise as strong as his need to heal his own broken heart. What he finds when he arrives isn’t at all what he thought he was getting into. Kate isn’t interested in healing, making it impossible for Nick to keep his promise.

To survive grief this profound, Kate must learn how to forge a new path, and open herself up to the possibility of an unplanned happiness.

The Day He Went Away explores the devastation of loss, the beauty in losing yourself, and the transcendent power of grief.

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My Review

***Actual Rating: 5/5 Heart-Mending Stars***

This world is evil, a seductress who entices with promises of true love and then curls her pointed fingernails and stabs the hopeful hearts placed in her wicked palm.

OMG. I’m a mess right now. I started this book as my usual bed-time reading at 12:30 a.m. and ended up devouring the entire story by 5:00 a.m. *sigh* Thankfully today was the last day of our Lunar New Year Holiday so I could sleep in sleep away my broken heart and wounded soul and puffy eyes (all thanks to the masterful Jennifer Millikin).

Being someone who’s read Jennifer’s Good On Paper and Beyond the Pale, I’m no stranger to her writing, to say the least. Both books broke my heart badly but they managed to piece it back by the end of the stories. Therefore, in order to better prepare myself (and reduce the possibility of being defeated by Jen’s words), as ridiculous as this sounds, I gave myself a pep talk–something to strengthen my emotional endurance–and did pretty much everything I could come up with just to make sure my heart’s well-protected this time.

Guess what happened? Oh wait, you don’t have to guess cuz I already told you I’m a mess right in the beginning and even after all these hours (almost a day), my heart’s still bleeding. *Apparently, my heart appears to be more fragile than I assume.*

Alright, enough with all those ramblings and grumbles, this book is, undeniably, one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve ever read in my entire life. And THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. This poem right here pretty much sums up Ethan and Kate’s, the main characters’, story:

There is a boy
And he loves a girl
She doesn’t love him back
He doesn’t care
One day she will love him
Until then, he waits.

And then the rug called life/universe/everything-worth-living-for was swept away for Kate and she’s been lost ever since. Then came Nick Hunter, Ethan’s best friend in the Army, who promised Ethan that he’d take care of his Katie Girl if something bad happened, and the rest is history that was when Kate and Nick held onto each other in the life after.

Truthfully, this book was a tear-jerker. I could barely breathe when getting to some of the most gut-wrenching chapters and later on, I felt as if someone (whose name starts with a J, clearly displayed on the book cover) stabbed me square in my heart AND TWISTED THE KNIFE SEVERAL TIMES when I read those parts where Kate was the most self-destructive. I meant, my heart broke once when such tragedy occurred, and now this!? Seriously??!!

Much to my satisfaction, how Nick and Kate’s lives crossed path wasn’t perfect, which I totally appreciated, but to me, what mattered most was how they both found a way to cope with the harsh reality. As an old saying goes, “Everything happens for a reason,” and by the end of this book, I firmly believed there’s a silver lining behind every dark cloud. So, please always keep in mind that no matter how hard life becomes, you are and will always be strong enough to conquer the aftermath, and you always have the power to reign your own life.

(To be honest, this review isn’t what I had in mind when I first finished this book because I definitely didn’t get that vision while my soul’s wounded…) All in all, please go give this book a try and you can thank me later. Don’t forget to get a box of Kleenex, scratch that, you’d better read this somewhere private so you can freely wail all you want…like I did. 😉 Ugly cries guaranteed, witty comebacks welcomed, and WHEN you survive all this, you’ll feel stronger and more empowered than you’ve ever felt.

Good luck with Ethan, Nick, and Kate’s story! I’ll be there whenever you need a shoulder to cry on.

About the Author

Jennifer Millikin is a contemporary fiction author of five full-length novels and a contributor for Scottsdale Moms Blog. When she isn’t writing she can be found cooking, hiking, or in downward dog.








Reader Group:

All right, everyone! That’s pretty much everything I have to share with you today. This book is soooooo good that I highly, highly recommend to all of you. Hopefully you’ll be able to feel all the emotions and tensions from our beloved characters, including Ethan, Nick, and above all, Kate. ❤

Happy weekend & have a fabulous week!

Until next time,

Jasmine 🙂

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