Read-to-Review: Rowan Revived by Taylor Danae Colbert

50170375. sx318 sy475 Miss Fix-It—that’s me. And when my sister and nephew are in danger, it’s my natural instinct to step in and get them out of Boston. The girl with the plan, always.

We land at the Rowan Inn—a charming bed-and-breakfast on the shores of the Chesapeake. A sweet little haven we’re hoping will bring us the peace we so desperately need.

Instead, it brings us Jesse Rowan, the gruff and grumpy son of the original owners. The same guy who is single-handedly sinking the Inn faster than an anchor in the bay. But we need a place to crash until I can figure out our next move, so I convince him to let us stay in exchange for help around the place.

At first, he’s rude, sarcastic, and standoffish. But after a few months of working around the Inn together, I realize he’s not as callous as he’d like us to think. And I realize that maybe the Inn isn’t the only project I want to take on. He needs some fixing, too.

But the Inn has to be just a pitstop for us. And as long as we’re on the run, Jesse Rowan can’t be my final destination. (From: Goodreads)

***Actual Rating: 5/5 Romantically Educational Stars***

Rowan Revived was technically my third book from Taylor Danae Colbert, and to be honest, I didn’t enjoy the first book of hers, It Goes Without Saying, as much as I did the following two books, including Off the Record. Impressively, Taylor never fails to surprise me with her adventurous ways of telling the stories. I crave for the boldness in her writing style, and I feel a tremendous leap from It Goes Without Saying, to Off the Record, and now Rowan Revived, when she totally transforms a typical contemporary romance novel into one full of meaningful messages.

This book gives off a completely different vibe compared to Taylor’s previous works and I find myself utterly engrossed in the story of Jesse and Lena. Both characters have their baggage in life yet they somehow manage to embrace it with open arms. What I appreciate most about this book is the fact that there’s the depth in the genre of New Adult Contemporary I’ve never seen before.

Trigger warnings for abusive relationship and domestic violence here, and I actually love that Jesse and Lena’s romance isn’t just some sweet love story; they tackle serious issues by cleverly weaving the positive attitude we should have towards facing such problems through their growth as a couple. All in all, I’m really glad to see Taylor’s stories develop from cute, light-hearted reads to something profound and inspiring. 🙂

HIGHLY RECOMMEND both Rowan Revived and Off the Record if you haven’t read anything by Taylor yet! I initially thought I didn’t know which of them would be my top favorite of hers, but now I’m 100% sure Jesse and Lena have won me over…just a little bit more than Dax and Shay.

***Huge thanks to the author for providing me with an e-copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.***


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