Bookish Unboxing | Books that Matter March: Forgotten Women

Hey, guys! 

Today, I’m presenting to you another bookish box I tried this month and it’s called Books that Matter. Books that Matter is a rather young, start-up business launching sometime around July/August last year, so everything’s pretty fresh and unheard-of to me. What makes this subscription box stands out is that they feature indie artists, designers, authors, and publishers in their boxes so that everything included represents their endless support for those small yet promising businesses like them.

What’s more, Books that Matter is probably the first and number one FEMINIST subscription box based in the U.K. since all of their products and bookish boxes revolve around discovering new female authors or historical heroines. Anyway, I can’t wait to share what I’ve got in my first Books that Matter box in March, with the theme “Forgotten Women!”

damaged box

Okay, so this is what their boxes look like. I really like the illustration here because the design is simple yet delicate in all the detailed ways. Besides, since the box is made of cardboard, you can easily reuse it or carve out the illustration and frame it somewhere in your bedroom as a beautiful piece of artwork. 🙂 I’m actually surprised at how thin this box is; I mean, it’s almost the size of a pizza box, which is pretty unique to me. ^^

The only complaint I have about this box is that, as you can see here, the cover of the box was damaged and so was the purple wrapping paper in the box (picture not shown in the photo). I have to admit that their overall package didn’t meet my expectation because my box arrived with simply a gray wrapping paper on the outside and there wasn’t anything to protect the box itself, let alone the items inside. 😦 As a result, with its international delivery, the super delicate purple paper was torn apart by the heavier wrapped items.

art prints

First up, the March theme of the box is Forgotten Women, celebrating the success of many lesser known female writers, entrepreneurs, and literary life savers. The box comes with three art prints, each introducing a historical literary heroine from Su Qing, a twentieth-century Chinese writer, to June Jordan–the one in the middle (which is also my most favorite picture among the three)–a Caribbean-American poet/activist, who’s been very active in the political field regarding liberation. These art prints are designed by three different indie artists and I truly appreciate the introduction of each character at the back of the prints.

exclusive badge set

The next thing in the box is this gorgeous, exclusive badge set featuring three memorable empresses around the world of all time. Needless to say, people are quite familiar with Wu Zetian, Hatshepsut, and Theodora, since they’re one of the very few iconic female leaders in the history. As a huge enamel pin/badge lover, this piece of literary gift really speaks to my heart. The entire set is lovely and I certainly will put them on my bookish totes. ❤


Before I get to the juiciest part of the unboxing, another nice gift from the box is this bookmark with the logo of Books that Matter plus their slogan. As I mentioned in my previous Fairyloot unboxing, I personally love bookmarks more than anything else. Although when you look closely, you’d find that the resolution of the logo and the quote isn’t very clear, making everything a little bit blurry, the texture of the bookmark is pretty smooth. Again, this is another useful item in the box and I simply adore it for that.

book of the month

We finally get to the second to last part of the box! The monthly book choice for Books that Matter box is Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, introduced by Zadie Smith, published by Virago Press. The paperback edition I get is actually Virago’s 40th anniversary edition of the book and I honestly think this cover is one of the most stunning covers I’ve ever seen. The glittery gold of the cover and the shinning green inner pages cheer me up tremendously and I hope the story sounds as good as the synopsis. FYI, Virago Press releases quite a lot of collectors’ edition of modern classic novels and every one of the collection looks equally beautiful. ❤ 😀

full unboxing

Lastly, I give my March Books that Matter box a solid 4/5 stars because the art prints are educational, the badge set is fabulous, the gorgeousness of the book is beyond words, and the illustration of the box as well as the special bookmark totally add spice to the entire feminist box. Even though I’m not a feminist, at least not an active advocate, I still appreciate this subscription box a whole lot.

To be honest, the reason I want to give Books that Matter a shot is because they’re such a genuine small company. I’ve always loved and wanted to support indie bookshops/publishers/artists/writers/businesses and I think Books that Matter is a great start for me to embark on this journey. Besides, the BEST thing about this box is that it only costs £12 per box with an additional £3 shipping fee for U.K. residents and another £8 for international subscribers, which means you can get this box with such an amazing bargain of £20 if you needed to ship worldwide! Truthfully, I have never, ever seen any cheaper international bookish box in my life. *heart eyes*

Hence, if you were an international booklover who wanted to have a bookish box in your hands but didn’t want to be broke after purchasing one, Books that Matter box is the perfect choice for you! They usually ship in the beginning of each month, so you’ll get your box within the month instead of some time long after that month. 🙂

All in all, I will recommend this subscription box to not only feminists but everyone who’d like to save some money and get some bookish goodies every month! As wonderful as Books that Matter‘s April box (Theme: Black Women’s History Month) sounds, I won’t order that one because I have another box in mind that I MUST get! *evil grinning* Anyway, I hope you guys have a lovely time browsing through my unboxing posts since I surely have a lot of fun writing them! Please let me know if you had any thoughts on these unboxings or how I can better present these beautiful boxes to you. I’m all ears! xoxo


Happy Sunday!

Until next time,

Jasmine 🙂

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