Bookish Unboxing | Fairyloot February Box: Beast and Beauty

Hello, guys!!!

Yep, you read it right! I just received my first ever bookish box two weeks ago and I could barely contain my excitement even talking about it right now!!!!! If you knew me well, you’d know that I’m obsessed with all kinds of bookish unboxing videos, blog posts, and bookstagram feed. To be honest, I’ve been eyeing these book boxes for YEARS, pretty much ever since they came to existence. Hence, color me surprise when I can FINALLY afford one with the money I earned!!! ❤

Long story short, I decided to treat myself with a Fairyloot box partly because I wanted to reward myself in celebration of the hectic yet overall thrilling 2018, considering everything insanely crazy and unbelievably incredible happened last year that totally changed my life, and partly because the February theme was Beast and Beauty, one of my few favorite fairytales of all time. The theme piqued my interest immensely so I placed my order without second thought.

Anyway, let’s get my very first unboxing started, shall we?

It’s one thing to watch some bloggers/vloggers film their reaction when unboxing a brand-new box and it’s another to really unbox it all by myself. I mean, though I had a pretty guess about what may be included in this box, I still felt the uncontrollable excitement and general hype over the super heavy box in my hands. Truly, this was certainly one of the most unforgettable and magical feelings I’ve ever experienced.

The first thing I noticed when open the box was how fully-packed this box actually was. It was packed practically to the rim and I was in awe. 😀 The first thing I saw, as most of you did, was the spoiler card with a gorgeous illustration of this month’s theme, which was announced some time around mid-January.

spoiler card

Isn’t Belle stunning in this picture? And don’t ask me why, I just knew this elegant lady was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. 😉 Unlike the typical me, I actually tried my best avoiding all the Fairyloot February unboxing posts everywhere online. I didn’t even turn to check out the spoiler card for fear that I may spoil myself before catching a glimpse of what was inside the box. (Although I still accidentally spoiled myself on the book of the month, I wasn’t pissed off when I found out it was the one I was hoping for. :P)

enamel pin

The next thing I saw was this pretty Enchanted Rose enamel pin by IceyDesigns. Very few of you know that I’m a sucker for enamel pins and badges since this simple fact about me isn’t anything bookish, let alone worthy of mentioning, but it’s true. I sometimes collect pins whenever I travel to other places or countries, like the collectible pins from Hard Rock, and I’m happy to add this beautiful one to my precious collection.

trinket tray

This Ceramic Trinket Tray brought to you by Drop and Give Me Nerdy was probably the least useful item in this box, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate the design and the funny quote on the dish, but as a pragmatic person, I think things like scented candles and bath bombs are rather useless. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll come up with something to do with it. 😛

sparkling tumbler

Another item included in the box was this Sparkly Tumbler with an enchanted rose design and quote from Beauty and the Beast designed by Taratjah and KDP Letters. Undoubtedly, this beautiful tumbler is perfect for anyone to take their drinks on the go and I personally love to use it as a simple decoration on my bookshelf. 🙂


The next item was Tea with Mrs. Potts Roll-On Perfume by Little Heart Gifts. This perfume was vanilla and white tea scented and even though I wasn’t a big fan of perfumes, I actually loved the scent. It was very refreshing and I’d definitely use it on a daily basis.

ACOTAR tarot cards

As some of you may know, Fairyloot has started to put these collectible tarot cards with Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses fandoms in each month’s box so by the end of the year, you’ll get the whole set of ACoTaR characters’ tarot cards. Since the February box was my first, I apparently didn’t have the previous cards, nor did I intend to collect them. Therefore, the two cards, Rhysand and Morrigan, I got this month would simply be the art prints I cherished OR perhaps, I’d give them away to some lucky winner on my bookish social media when I reached some kind of milestone.

Belle art print

I’ve got another breathtaking art print inspired by the bookish Belle we were all familiar with from the good ol’ fairytale, so this gorgeous design from @amaretta_  was easily one of my favorite items in the box. I loved anything paper-ish, including bookmarks, art prints, book plates, posters, and even bookish ads. I couldn’t wait to display this Belle Print on my bedroom wall so that I could admire it every day.


Speaking of bookmarks, I was delighted to find these pretty ones in the box. The one of the left was obviously inspired by the theme card this month and I was elated to see yet another fantastic design on the bookmark. I would surely use both of these when reading and the FairyScoop was filled with surprising content as well! There was an interview with our book-of-the-month author–who turned out to be someone I recognized and was absolutely excited to know more about–as well as some fun stuff about being part of the Fairyloot family.

wall tapestry

Before I revealed this month’s book, the last magical item in the box was the one I was most looking forward to: a Large Wall Tapestry designed by Sweet Sequels. To be honest, this was the main reason I didn’t hesitate when ordering my box because I saw Fairyloot’s announcement that there’d be a first-time-ever wall tapestry in their box and I adored any type of clothing, fabric, and tapestry. I think it’d be a perfect background for my bookish photos and you’re about to see this tapestry in my future Bookstagram feed! 😀 By the way, when I said “large” wall tapestry, I meant really massive. It was almost the same size as my bedroom rug and I had trouble finding somewhere to hang it. 😛 Nonetheless, I still loved the overall design and the beautiful dancing scene between Belle and the Beast on the right corner. ❤


Finally!!! It was time for the book of the month reveal! I still couldn’t believe my dream about this book had come true because I had this guess in mind since I read about the hints back in January. When I knew this book would be some sort of modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I immediately thought of Brigid Kemmerer‘s new release, A Curse so Dark and Lonely. Little did I expect that it was real! The more I thought about it, the less likely I thought it’d be included since this book was out in the end of January. But I was over the moon when seeing this book in the box!!!!!!! I literally screamed when unwrapping it from the Fairyloot pouch. 😀 ❤ Besides, I just finished reading Brigid’s More than We Can Tell weeks ago and I totally missed her writing. Thankfully, this book came to my rescue and I couldn’t wait to devour Prince Rhen and Harper’s enchanted story. ^_______^ Also, the book came with an author’s letter with a fabulous art print inspired by the characters in this book, which I’m dying to meet ASAP, so everything was PERFECT here. xo

signed bookplate

Aside from the book and the art print, the book also came with a signed, rose-shaped bookplate made exclusively for the Fairyloot box. For the first time, I had something signed by my favorite author and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 What’s more, there was a blue ribbon bookmark attached to the hardback copy, which couldn’t be found in any other places, making this book all the more precious.

full unboxing

Last but definitely not least, this was everything in Fairyloot’s Beast and Beauty box! I personally think I’m so lucky to have this box as my first book box AND my first Fairyloot. There was literally nothing in the box that I disliked or felt disappointed about, and as a non-fantasy-lover, the book of the month turned out to be one of my most anticipated reads this year so seriously, what’s not to love? This box totally blown me away and I was pretty sure I’d get back to them some time in the future.

The March theme is FAVOURITES, featuring all the Fairyloot subscribers’ favorite fandoms, fanarts, and book series. Since March is officially Fairyloot’s anniversary, their March box will be purple instead of their typical black one. There will also be an anniversary exclusive enamel pin as well as 2 books (one YA Fantasy Hardcover and one early copy of a YA contemporary book written by an English author). As tempted as I was to place another order on their anniversary box, I decided against it at the last minute because I realized that I may not enjoy the box as much as I did this time since those fantasy fandoms weren’t really my thing.

Moreover, there will be a FINALE special collector’s box in celebration of Stephanie Garber’s upcoming release, the finale of the Caraval trilogy, Finale. This box will cost £49 rather than the usual £26 due to the more items included and handpicked by not only the owner of Fairyloot, Anissa, but also the author herself. Since I haven’t read the trilogy yet, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon here, either.

The April theme will be DARK MAGIC, and I’ve been told that there will be a book sleeve in the box. I have no idea what book the April box will feature, but I guess it’s back to something YA Fantasy. :’)

All right, everyone! That’s all for today’s detailed unboxing of my first book box and I truly hope you have an amazing time reading this post! This is also my first unboxing post on my blog and I’m thrilled to be able to share my excitement and happiness with all of you. What’s your favorite item in this box? Do you like these bookish products? Have you read the book? Please let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

P.S. There will be another bookish unboxing soon, so stay tuned! This time it’s from an indie, feminist company so everything’s fresh and exciting to me! Cheers!


Happy weekends, lovely!

Until next time,

Jasmine 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bookish Unboxing | Fairyloot February Box: Beast and Beauty

    • I know the international shipping costs almost the same as the box itself but the delivery is quite speedy, in my opinion. It took around three days after they shipped it so the tracking package was worth it. :> Aww, I’m so glad you liked the book, Briana! The blurb sounds amazing and I can’t wait to dive in. By the way, how’s the cliffhanger? I’ve heard there’ll be sequels to this book. :O


    • Thanks, Nastassja! You should totally give book boxes a try because I’m sure you’ll love most bookish items inspired by the book. If you’d ever get a chance to have a box, please, please, please don’t hesitate to let me know!! I’d love to fangirl over the bookish products/books with you. xoxo

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