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GoodonPaper_AVAILABLEHappy Sunday, everybody!

How’s your week going? I hope it’s amazing. 🙂 I’ve been crazily busy the entire week since I’m just starting to get the hang of my new job content. Hopefully things will look up eventually like they usually do. *fingers crossed* Anyway, I’m not here to talk about job or anything un-bookish; I’m here to share my latest new favorite read instead!

Today, I’m going to introduce my newly-discovered Contemporary Fiction author, Jennifer Millikin, and her newest book, Good on Paper. The writing style is so easy to get lost in and the storyline is even more captivating. I cannot wait for all of you to learn about this lovely author and this book! 😉

Good On Paper by Jennifer Millikin

Natalie Shay never imagined a day like this would come. She did what she was supposed to do: graduate college and marry her handsome, popular college sweetheart. With the ink still drying on their divorce papers, Natalie tries to move on from an ending she thought would be happy.

When she feels a spark with her stubborn, charming best friend Aidan Costa, Natalie’s life becomes even more unrecognizable. Aidan has been her best friend for years, stood beside her when she got married, and has a notorious aversion to relationships. As confusion and denial overwhelm them, their spark grows.

Held back by a secret he has been keeping his whole life, Aidan decides to ignore his feelings for Natalie. Natalie’s discovery of his secret pushes them past the boundaries they’ve carefully constructed around their friendship.

For Natalie, this could be a second chance at her happily ever after. But when a person from Aidan’s past reappears, everything he has built with Natalie is threatened.


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My Thought

***Actual rating: 4.5/5 Love-Defining Stars***

”Sometimes I wonder…why not us, Aiden?”

Good on Paper was the first Jennifer Millikin’s book I’ve read and I absolutely LOVED the story. Natalie and Aiden had been best friends since high school but that was also the only thing they were. Throughout the following decade, they had never been more than friends. Natalie was a helpless romantic, always having faith in the concept of true love; little did she know that she’d miserably fail her first marriage with college sweetheart, Henry, leaving her heartbroken and depressed.

I love romance. The angst, the desire, the tension, and at the bottom of it all, the one feeling that connects us all. Love. We all want it, we all need it. Love ignites passion and causes wars. It instills fear in the bravest of us, and the threat of its removal brings the strongest to their knees.

On the contrary, Aiden was all against love, romantic relationship, and such; he didn’t believe in love, nor did he ever want to develop something like that with anyone else. All he truly enjoyed was casual sex with girls from dating apps. I initially thought this simple fact about Aiden’s sexual preference would upset me or even disgust me; however, much to my astonishment, he kind of grew on me gradually with everything he’d said and done for Natalie.

”…You were drunk, vulnerable, and a line in your friendship was already starting to resemble a watercolor.”

Aside from Aiden and Natalie, my second favorite characters were definitely their wise friends, Savannah in particular. She was by far the smartest role I’d ever seen in a contemporary romance novel and she was this super duper observant friend whom I thought both Aiden and Natalie should consider themselves lucky for having.

Needless to say, Aiden and Natalie had been denying the chemistry between them this entire time they’d been “just friends.” Thanks to Savannah, her honestly enlightening opinion was so on point that Aiden and Natalie started to rethink about the essence of their relationship friendship.

I see not only my best friend, but the man who has stayed by my side while I’ve loved and lost, made hard rights and easy wrongs. I cannot risk him either.

What made this book special was the subtle change in Aiden and Natalie’s platonic friendship, which later turned into something more than swoon-worthy romance. I really loved that even though they weren’t officially “dating,” that was exactly what both of them had been doing pretty much on a daily basis. They dined out together, chatted with friends they had in common, and hung out like good ol’ times, as if they’d been doing these the whole time.

More meaningfully, Aiden even watched ugly-cry movies he absolutely hated just to keep Natalie company when she was feeling low. I mean, seriously, if this weren’t what a sweet, lovely, thoughtful boyfriend would do for his beloved girlfriend, then I don’t know what is. After that unforgettable night in the hotel at their friends’ weeding, things were finally heating up for them. I was speechlessly touched to learn that Aiden did treat Nat differently, once again proving the undying love he’d always had for her deep down.

GoodOnPaper_teaser2 (1)

Speaking of major plot twist, oh god, let me tell you, the one in this book almost gave me a heart attack. No joke, if you were with me when I read that part, you’d practically hear my heart shattering into pieces like broken glass. I could totally understand the distant feeling Nat experienced at that moment because of the author’s painfully vivid depiction of such a gut-wrenching revelation.

Sometimes, the very best in life is what’s taking place in the background while we are busy focusing on what we think is right for us.

To my relief, there was a satisfying happy ending to Aiden and Nat’s story. I couldn’t appreciate more of that purely joyful outcome by the end of the book, leaving everything peaceful, powerful, and lingering.

Last but not least, I would undoubtedly HIGHLY RECOMMEND Good on Paper to everyone. Whether contemporary romance is your cup of tea or not, I’m sure you’ll adore Aiden and Nat’s story as much as I do! Jennifer Millikin is definitely one of my most admired authors from now on so I will certainly check out all of her previous works and future books! Anyway, please don’t hesitate to give Jennifer’s books a shot! You can thank me later. *wink*

***Huge thanks to InkSlinger and the author for sending me an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.***

About the Author

Jennifer Millikin

Jennifer Millikin is a contemporary fiction author of five full-length novels and a contributor for Scottsdale Moms Blog. When she isn’t writing she can be found cooking, hiking, or in downward dog.








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That’s all for today’s blog tour review stop from me! Thank you for reading this until now; you’re truly awesome. xoxo

Wish you all a wonderful week coming up next! ❤

Stay warm & cozy,

Jasmine 🙂


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