Read-to-Review: Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon

our year of maybe

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Today, I’m going to bring you my latest book review for an upcoming release from the author of You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone, Rachel Lynn Solomon, which will be out on January 15th, 2019. She’s known for lots of Jewish references and voices of people with different cultural backgrounds, so this time, I’m excited to read Our Year of Maybe since the blurb looks intriguing.

Are you ready to join this journey with me?


Aspiring choreographer Sophie Orenstein would do anything for Peter Rosenthal-Porter, whoโ€™s been on the kidney transplant list as long as sheโ€™s known him. Peter, a gifted pianist, is everything to Sophie: best friend, musical collaborator, secret crush. When she learns sheโ€™s a match, donating a kidney is an easy, obvious choice. She canโ€™t help wondering if after the transplant, heโ€™ll love her back the way sheโ€™s always wanted.

But Peterโ€™s life post-transplant isnโ€™t what either of them expected. Though he once had feelings for Sophie too, heโ€™s now drawn to Chase, the guitarist in a band that happens to be looking for a keyboardist. And while neglected parts of Sophieโ€™s world are calling to herโ€”dance opportunities, new friends, a sister and niece she barely knowsโ€”she longs for a now-distant Peter more than ever, growing increasingly bitter he doesnโ€™t seem to feel the same connection.

Peter fears heโ€™ll forever be indebted to her. Sophie isnโ€™t sure who she is without him. Then one blurry, heartbreaking night twists their relationship into something neither of them recognizes, leading them to question their past, their future, and whether their friendship is even worth fighting for. (From: Goodreads)


***Actual rating: 4/5 Lovinโ€™-So-Hard Stars***

And then I let go of him first, this boy who never belonged to me.

Peter and Sophie have been best friends since childhood; growing up together, Peterโ€™s feeling for Sophie is always nothing more than F.R.I.E.N.D.S. whereas Sophie starts having undeniable crush on him day by day. When Sophie realizes Peter never feels the same as she does, her secret crush morphs into a much more dangerous obsession, which has totally taken its toll on their friendship. Thereโ€™s only one goal Sophieโ€™s determined to achieve: Getting Peter to love her back, even if it meant giving him her kidney when heโ€™s so desperately in need of one.

Just when Sophie thinks Peter will change his feeling about her after gratefully accepting her kidney, sheโ€™s proven completely wrong. Peter finds the keyboardist in his newly joined band, Chase, so attractive that the more time they spend with each other, the more often theyโ€™re aware of the chemistry between them.

We hold each other in my bed for a while, because thereโ€™s no rush to leave this room. He drums a melody on my back while I play an accompaniment on his rib cage.

Torn between not wanting to let Sophie down and following his heart to be with Chase, Peter makes some good and bad decisions along the way. Good decisions? He does eventually pluck up the courage and tell Sophie where his heart belongs in all honesty. Bad ones? Well, under the most frustrating circumstances, Peter does something unforgivable (in my opinion) to Sophie and shatters her heart as a consequence.

What I appreciate most in this book is the character development. Both Peter and Sophie grow so much throughout the story and I love all the experiences shaping into who they are today. From Peter and Sophieโ€™s self exploration, they show me that people indeed change all the time. During different phases in life, one will be affected by people they meet, people they befriend, and things they encounter with. Even if the friends around you may turn into someone you barely recognize, just bear in mind thereโ€™s still innocence in their characters and that their true essence still remains unchanged.

Moreover, the best part of this book to me is the ending. The storyโ€™s wrapped up flawlessly and beautifully because Peter and Sophie finally figure out who they are and whom theyโ€™re destined to be this entire time. Seriously, I canโ€™t think of a better way to sum up the book and *sigh* even recalling the perfect ending to Peter and Sophieโ€™s story puts a goofy smile on my face!

Unfortunately, despite the fact that I thoroughly enjoy almost 90% of the book, there are still plot designs and concepts I donโ€™t fully agree upon. For example, Sophieโ€™s younger sister gets pregnant, becomes a mother, and grows her own family with her teenage boyfriend at such a young age as 16. The whole story makes this incident look like the most normal thing ever. As if teenagers nowadays can do whatever they want without having to take the responsibility/consequences seriously.

Itโ€™s strange, my younger sister growing this family of her own. While Tabby and Josh have been together since they were fourteen, I didnโ€™t know they were having sex until Tabby told us she was pregnant. Sheโ€™d advanced to level forty, and I was still trying to beat level one.

Aside from the premarital sex reference, I find the mention of sex toys (*cough* vibrators *cough*) quite disturbing as well. I donโ€™t mind if people use them to satisfy their carnal desire but I personally think itโ€™s utterly unnecessary and irrelevant to highlight something so private in a young adult novel. I mean, donโ€™t you think itโ€™s a bit inappropriate for younger readers? *shrugs*

All in all, Our Year of Maybe is a coming-of-age, contemporary, diverse story featuring bisexual characters and focusing on self-explorations. Even though the bookโ€™s not 100% my cup of tea, I can easily foresee its success once published officially since itโ€™ll certainly be an overnight sensation in the LGBTQ+ community as well as diverse readers/advocates/supporters. Besides, because of the wonderfully written character development, readers can resonate with the protagonists without doubt ; hence, Iโ€™m looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks about Our Year of Maybe, and I of course will RECOMMEND this book to those whoโ€™re uncertain of themselves or those whoโ€™re still in search of their questionable existence (like me before reading this book).

***Thanks to the author and the publisher for kindly sending me an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.***


Wish you a very happy new year and may your 2019 be filled with happiness, laughter, and lots of great books! โค

Until next year,

Jasmine ๐Ÿ™‚



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