Cover Reveal | Una Bella Anima: A Beautiful Soul (Beautiful Hearts #2.5) by Emma Scott *won’t be published*

<Updated Dec. 16th, Sunday>

So Emma posted an announcement on her Facebook Page, where she confirmed that Una Bella Anima: A Beautiful Soul won’t be published after careful deliberation. Here’s a tiny part from her original post:

After much struggle and back-and-forth; after discussion with my dear friends and my amazing sisterhood of authors; after quiet contemplation about my own capabilities and mental health; I have come to the conclusion that Una Bella Anima, the novella that was to accompany the Beautiful Hearts duet, will not be published.

As sad as I was when learning such bad news, I could totally understand why Emma made such a hard decision considering all the heartbreaking things she endured this year after losing her beloved daughter, Isabel. Therefore, please send her some love in any way possible and go read the Beautiful Hearts duet. ❤

I’m sure Emma will appreciate all your support. Thank you. 🙂

<Original Content: Nov. 23rd, Friday>

Hey, guys! This will be a rather short post because I’m squeezing quality time during work and sleep just to spread some love for my favorite contemporary romance author, Emma Scott‘s, upcoming novella, Una Bella Anima: A Beautiful Soul!

Una Bella Anima is a novella featuring two secondary characters in the Beautiful Hearts duet, coming out in late August and mid-October, respectively. Even though this book shouldn’t be read without reading the duet first, I personally think the duet itself is worthy of giving a shot so hopefully you’ll end up reading all three of them. 😀

Alrighty, time for the brilliant cover design (once again):

2.5 Beautiful Hearts FInal (1)

Una Bella Anima: A Beautiful Soul

(Beautiful Hearts #2.5)

by Emma Scott

Release Date: Thursday, December 13, 2018

Don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads TBR!



“Why should we get to be happy? In their love story, we’re the villains…”

He ran to escape his demons and ended up on her doorstep.
He wasn’t supposed to be there.
She wasn’t supposed to let him in.
They weren’t supposed to fall in love.

Una Bella Anima: A Beautiful Soul is a Beautiful Hearts (2.5) novella. 

THIS BOOK IS NOT A STANDALONE. It should not be read without first reading Bring Down the Stars (Beautiful Hearts, #1)  and Long Live the Beautiful Hearts (Beautiful Hearts, #2) by Emma Scott.

UBA 8 x 4 in 12.13

**Side notes**

The Beautiful Hearts duet is one of the very few love-triangle stories I actually enjoy because Emma’s spectacular story-plotting skill manages to show me a more profound facet of love triangles–not that I don’t appreciate them, well, technically, there’s nothing worthy of appreciation when it comes to love triangles, but STILL–especially how manipulating someone’s heart isn’t truly what it seems. Hence, I’d be more than willing to continue reading this novella since (I guess) it’s the real story between two main secondary characters in the duet. ❤

Anyways, please don’t hesitate to pick the Beautiful Hearts duet as well as Una Bella Anima: A Beautiful Soul up if you were into well-written, swoon-worthy, page-turning contemporary romance. 🙂

Again, feel free to let me know what you think about the cover/blurb/teaser in the comments below. My reviews for the duet will be up ASAP. 😉




Jasmine 🙂

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