Short Review: Dean & Lily Season 1 & 2 by Audrey Francis-Plante


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Hello, everyone!

It’s me again. Today I’m sharing two wonderfully written stories by my lovely blogger friend, Audrey @audreywritesabroad, titled Dean & Lily. There will be a couple of seasons in Dean & Lily’s story, and as far as I know, the second season will be available on November 6th, which is just two more days to go! What’s more, you could always find sneak peeks, fun facts, and delicious teasers for her upcoming stories/books at her exquisitely designed writing nook so stop hesitating and check it out now!

Without further ado, let me give you a brief introduction of Dean & Lily.
    Dean & Lily S2

Dean & Lily is a YA dystopian novel featuring two teenagers, Dean and Lily, who used to be a cute couple in high school, but Dean left Lily for inexplicable reasons and she was determined not to talk to him again. As fate brought them together one day, Lily was invited to be a part of the Troupe, a secret group of people preparing to fight against doomsday, a.k.a. The Flood, by gearing up and training for the cause.

Interestingly, the entire story took place in 2119, approximately 100 years from now. Thus, the background setting was pretty futuristic, with super advanced technology such as communication wristbands and electronic message walls. The first season of Dean & Lily reminded me of the movie, In Time, where people traded time for everything and vice versa so much that I couldn’t stop picturing my favorite scenes in my head.

What I loved most about Dean & Lily was–aside from the captivating plot and beloved characters–the extraordinarily aesthetic page designs. Audrey put so much effort in not only creating something absolutely original and intriguing, but also collaging highly appreciative photos inspired by the story. Every single page was a surprise to read, to enjoy, and to admire for me. 

The first and second season were closely knitted so it was quite easy to catch up with Dean and Lily, along with other supportive characters like Lily’s mom, Jud, or their teammate, Malone. Each character had very strong and significant personality so that we readers could tell the difference without hesitation. In addition, every character had their own space of introduction, allowing us to know more about what they liked/disliked, their heights, body features, and personal preferences. Hence, the extra information definitely made reading these books more fun and enjoyable!

In short, it was a great delight to read Dean & Lily and I certainly couldn’t wait to embark on the same journey with them! I absolutely adored the light-hearted humor, the unforgettable characters, the heart-gripping twists, and whatever The Flood would bring. All in all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dean & Lily and you could get a copy for $1 on Audrey’s blog! Why not treat yourself with some engrossing stories? ❤

Lastly, I’d like to end this review with my favorite quote from the book,

My reason to live is my colors.

for the world is indeed a beautiful place filled with kaleidoscopic colors. 🙂


***Huge thanks to Audrey for letting me read your books earlier! I’m honored. xoxo***


Thank y’all for reading and have a lovely day, guys!

See you soon,

Jasmine 🙂


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