Cover Reveal | Circus Hearts #3: All Aces by Ellie Marney

Hey guys, it’s me again! 😀

As promised, today I’m bringing you an exciting cover reveal for my current favorite read, Circus Hearts trilogy, written by the incredibly imaginative Ellie Marney. ❤

The first book in the series, All the Little Bones, captures my attention from the very beginning and now I’m completely hooked. You could check out my review for book 1 on my previous post, Book Review | Circus Hearts 1: All the Little Bones by Ellie Marney. 😛 In case you’re wondering, I’m reading the second instalment, All Fall Down, at the moment, and whoa, even though the pace isn’t as smooth and fast as All the Little Bones, I still can’t get enough of the characters, heart-warming romance, and mysterious plot!

Alright, enough blabbering, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Before we get to see the astonishingly stunning cover for the third and final book in this trilogy, let me refresh your memory on the first two books. *wink wink*



Aren’t they eye-catching?? If I saw them in a bookstore, I’d buy them without second thought because why not? Even if you didn’t like dark/mystery YA stories, these books would certainly brighten your bookshelf simply with their magnificent presence.

As for the finale, well, I couldn’t come up with anything more brilliant than this original cover design…

All Aces

Seriously, this cover took my breath away when I first caught a glimpse. I mean, wowowowow, I just couldn’t stop staring at it. Almost GAPING. :O

About the Book

A teenage contortionist and a young cardsharp risk danger to right a family legacy of injustice.…

Nineteen-year-old contortionist Ren Putri is committed to circus, study and self-discipline  – in that order. But after being rescued from a carnival fire by cardsharp Zep Deal, she’s overwhelmed by some highly disorderly thoughts. Zep has a long history of trouble, and now he’s been suspected of sabotaging the circus that’s become his whole life. Ren is already coping with family, and keeping secrets of her own – but she can’t resist a mystery. Will Ren’s penchant for solving puzzles bring the case against Zep to rights, or will digging further into the bad blood between rival carnivals only put them both in danger?


Add All Aces to your TBR!

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Grab your own e-copy NOW!

Circus Hearts: All Aces is live for preorder right now for 2.99USD (3.99AUD).

It will be released 1 November for 4.99AUD/USD.

All three books in Circus Hearts will be available in PAPERBACKS on 1st, December!


Irresistible Book Deal!

Circus Hearts 1: All The Little Bones will be on sale for the month of November.

Ellie is generous enough to drop the price to 99c(USD), so if you haven’t grabbed it already, that’ll be a good chance to pick it up. *starred eyes*


‘kay, this is pretty much everything I have to share about today’s cover reveal. Trust me, you won’t want to miss Circus Hearts because of its action-packed circus life, interesting characters, and twisting plot. Although I can’t guarantee all three books are 100% perfect, at least I can promise you they don’t and won’t disappoint. 😉 So please go give Ellie’s new books a shot and let me know what you think! ❤

Oh, before I go, have I mentioned that I’m teaming up with the author and will give away a digital copy of Circus Hearts 2: All Fall Down? Yep, you heard it right, so don’t forget to keep an eye on my future posts for a chance to win some awe-bloody-some swags & books. :DD



Don’t they look amazing together?



Until next time,

Jasmine 🙂

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