Exclusive! Title Announcement & Blurb of Metiks Fade #2 by Thomas Welsh

Hey guys!!! *waving enthusiastically*

How are you? I hope you’re having a fabulous day. Today I’ve got something really exciting to share with you and believe me, I’ve wanted to tell everyone about this super duper exhilarating book news since I learnt about it last week. 😀

First of all, I’m so honored to be offered a chance to announce the title for one of my all-time-favorite authors, Thomas Welsh‘s (author of Anna Undreaming), upcoming book, the sequel to Anna Undreaming. When he reached out to me via email last Tuesday, I, honestly, was secretly doing happy dancing in an office with 100 people. LOL

Back to this title announcement, all I can say is that the title and official blurb of the book will definitely prompt you to devour the series. Trust me, I can already feel the epicness of book 2 in Metiks Fade trilogy simply by its title! And my instinct is usually right. 😉

Alright, enough rambling and let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

***Deep breath…***


***Another deep breath…***


***One more deep breath…***







***Drums roll***

The title of Anna Undreaming‘s sequel, a.k.a. book 2 of the Metiks Fade trilogy is…

Moonlight Road

Title: Anna and the Moonlight Road

Book Series: Metiks Fade 

Author: Thomas Welsh

Publisher: Owl Hollow Press

Publication Date: Spring, 2019 (TBA)



Broken, beaten, and exiled to the Sump, Anna has battled her way back to reality, but she returns to find her friends scattered and her enemies have grown in strength and number. Though she’s learned that in the world of Dreamers, sometimes the darkness is just a different type of light, she still hasn’t found her way out. And just like in nightmares, every time she runs away, the monsters lie in wait ahead.

Anna’s only hope for survival lies with new friends and a desperate plan to walk the Moonlight Road—a ghostly passage of frozen moonlight through worlds she can never touch—straight into the arms of the most dangerous Dreamer alive.

But no one, neither friend nor enemy, is prepared for the power Anna now wields. Her flame has kindled, and when they threaten those she loves, she’ll burn them to the ground.

Anna and the Moonlight Road is book two of The Metiks Fade trilogy.


*P.S. The cover above is NOT the official book cover. Hopefully I’ll get to show you the final version when it’s done. *fingers-crossed* 🙂


About the Author

Thomas  Welsh

Thomas Welsh is an award winning urban fantasy and short story author based in Scotland. He was the winner of the Elbow Room fiction prize for ‘And Then I was Floating’ and has also been published in ‘The 404 Ink F Word Collection’, ‘Pseudopod’ and ‘Leicester Writes’. His fantasy trilogy ‘Metiks Fade’ debuts in Spring 2018 with book one, ‘Anna Undreaming’ published by Owl Hollow Press. (From: Goodreads)


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About Anna Undreaming


In case you’re not familiar with Anna Undreaming, it’s a dark urban fantasy story about a kickass heroine named Anna, and how she weaves her way through alternative worlds between the reality and the fictional realm. It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year and for someone who seldom reads fantasy novels, this book certainly wins my heart over. You could check out my full review HERE or get your copy HERE. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have such a great story with a gorgeous cover on their bookshelf?


As much as I’m stoked about the real cover for Anna and the Moonlight Road, I already have many questions in mind regarding Anna’s journey in those dreamers’ worlds based on the blurb we just read. I mean, I have no idea what the Moonlight Road is, let alone where it can lead Anna. Besides, the glossary in Anna Undreaming has impressed me a lot and I’m pretty sure Tom won’t disappoint us with this one. 😀

Anyway, please don’t forget to add Anna Undreaming to your TBR if you haven’t and I hope the title and blurb of Metiks Fade #2 interests you as much as it does to me! Also, keep an eye on Owl Hollow Press for further info about this book or more delicious chapter samplers closer to release date. 🙂

Let me know if you’re intrigued by the synopsis/cover! ❤

Until next time,

Jasmine 🙂

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