Corrupt Me Blog Tour Day 3: Author’s Guest Post!


Today, I’m so honored to have a guest post from the author of Corrupt Me, Jillian Quinn, on my blog. This is the FIRST time I have a special guest here so yeah, I can’t wait to post her article “How Mafia Movies Inspired Corrupt Me?

How Mafia Movies Inspired Corrupt Me?

When I first came up with the idea for Corrupt Me, I was watching Goodfellas, one of my favorite movies. Most of the time an idea comes to me while I’m watching TV because of a question I ask myself. With Corrupt Me, I asked, “What would it be like to date a Mafioso?” I’ve always loved when Henry takes Karen to The Copacabana in Goodfellas. That was her first real taste of what it was like to date a wiseguy, and when I started plotting this novel, I instantly saw a lot of Karen in Izzie. There’s a certain thrill Izzie gets when she’s around Luca, and that part of her character was inspired by Lorraine Bracco’s portrayal of Karen in Goodfellas.


Before they get married in the movie, Karen says that she knew Henry was a bad man and it turned her on. The same thing is true of Izzie Rinaldi in Corrupt Me when she rekindles her childhood relationship with Luca Marchese. When it comes to The Godfather, I always wanted to write a character that reminded me of Michael Corleone, and I found that in Izzie. She’s not your typical heroine and she will do anything to protect her family just like Michael.

The Godfather and the relationship between Michael Corleone and Kay Adams mostly inspired this series. I always wondered what could have happened if they had worked as a team. When I created Luca’s character, I knew without a doubt that he was a little bit of Michael Corleone, even if it was just his placement within the family and not his overall development. But I think what I did with his character will surprise some readers. Vincent Piazza’s portrayal of Lucky Luciano in Boardwalk Empire also inspired his character.


At the end of The Godfather novel, there’s a scene between Kay Adams and Tom Hagen that is not in the movies. That pivotal scene is what helped shape Corrupt Me. Tom delivers a message to Kay that I thought was brilliant and made me love the book even more. To leave some mystery for the readers, I won’t get into detail.


I hope readers have the same feeling about Corrupt Me.

Thank you for having me on your blog. I hope everyone enjoyed this guest post.

About the author:


If you like Mafia men, sports, bad boys, dirty talkers, strong female characters, and books with plenty of heat, then you’ve found the right author.

Jillian Quinn was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently lives in sunny Cape Coral, Florida where she still pretends it’s okay to drink hot chocolate and curl up on the couch with a good book, even when it’s ninety degrees outside. From an early age, writing and storytelling have been her passion.

When she’s not busy creating fictional worlds and living inside the minds of her characters, Jillian is reading and blogging. But you can bet she’s doing it while watching either basketball or hockey.

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Alright, this is all for the three-day blog tour here on SmileyBooklover! Thanks for joining the blogosphere with me and fellow book bloggers. I have a lot of fun doing so and checking out others’ blog posts is even more thrilled for me!

Before you go, don’t forget the highlight of the event: Corrupt Me will be available TOMORROW (January 17th, 2017)!!!!! Go grab your copy here:

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