Corrupt Me Blog Tour Day 2: ARC review



***Actual rating: 3/5 Corrupted Stars***

After reading the Vendetta trilogy written by Catherine Doyle, I’m deeply addicted to Mafia stories. Therefore, when I saw the synopsis of Corrupt Me, I was beyond excited to read this. However, I do have mixed feelings about this book and I’d like to explain them as much as I can.

To begin with, Izzie and Luca are classmates and also childhood friends, but with their different family backgrounds, they are doomed to be enemies for starters. Well, I think when you’re related to some sort of Mafia dynasty, you shouldn’t fraternize with your enemy whatsoever. Thus, Izzie makes it pretty clear that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him in the first place. Like many typical stories, the male protagonist, aka Luca, isn’t like everybody so he’s not going to give her up that easily. Eventually, he successfully gets what he wants after his persistent pursuit. Basically, that’s what this story is about.

What I really like about the story:
1)Luca and his personality:

As a president of the fraternity, he gets along well with his buddies and most important of all, he also proves that he ISN’T what we think he is in the end of the book.

He also knew that if Izzie and I had sex that I’d lose interest, like I normally do, and that I’d move on and forget we ever met.

He’s caring and shows concerns (and not just interest or lust) for Izzie despite his Mafia heritage. What’s more, I’m truly impressed by his determination and patience when it comes to winning Izzie’s heart. There are several times when Izzie acts like a total b*tch and ignores him completely on purpose but he’s unfazed by her demeanor. Instead of getting angry, he tries different tactics to win her over and that’s what moves me most.

2)Insight into American fraternity/sorority houses:

Since I’ve never experienced anything like the typical American high school life such as fraternity/sorority houses, homecoming parties, graduation proms…etc., I’m really interested in them to some extent. Hence, I’m pleased to get a closer look at these traditions in this book. The author portrays the American high school students’ life perfectly and her descriptions make me feel like living that kind of life myself while reading it. Therefore, I appreciate this aspect of the story very much.

3)The ending:

Although I admit I don’t think Corrupt Me is my type of book, I do like its ending. The story starts pretty slow in the beginning and the twists I’m dying to see don’t come after 3/4 of the book. But when the sudden change comes, I’m quite satisfied with the unexpected turning point. Moreover, the ending surprises me a lot because seriously, I don’t see THAT coming at all! All in all, in spite of everything happening in the last few chapters, I can’t think of a better ending.

What I dislike about the book :
1)Izzie. Everything about Izzie.

As I mentioned before, Izzie’s just a rich, spoiled, ungrateful girl to me and she looks down upon most people in this book. Her attitude sucks, her characteristics sucks, and everything she does sucks.

”I used boys when I wanted and on my terms.”

However, none of the above pisses me off more than her way of treating Luca. She already has tons of stereotypes imprinted in her mind before we get to know more about Luca. First, please excuse me for ranting about my hatred for her in the following passages.

Izzie’s first impression on Luca seriously can’t be more cliché:

All I saw when I looked at him were rock-hard abs, chiseled features, and mind-blowing sex.

Okay, so even from the beginning, she has marked him as a playboy who will discard girls he has sex with and keeps on hunting other female prey. However, the truth is totally the opposite! I don’t know why she needs to be such a judgmental mean girl. *duh* Furthermore, we all know she falls for him despite her continuous denial and I’m totally fine with that. What I’m not okay with is the fact that she keeps blaming her feelings on HIM as if it’s his fault that she can’t help falling in love with him.

”This was a mistake. Look what you do to me. I can’t control myself around you. You’re dangerous.” I bit down on my lip, holding back tears. “It’s like you have me under some kind of spell. I can’t think straight around you. We can’t be together. You’re incapable of being with one woman.”

What’s worse, there are several scenes that urge me to jump into the book and punch her right in the face because gaaaahhh, I love Luca so much that I can’t let her treat him like the way she does!

Luca pleaded for me to come back. I refused to turn around, not even to do a cursory glance over my shoulder as I pushed open the door.

Anyway, I despise Izzie throughout the book (minus the ending. She changes a bit in the end but that’s not enough to erase my terrible impression on her.). Period.

2)Lack of development among characters.

Honestly, I find it hard to get absorbed in the plot because there could be more developments among main characters and I’m looking for something more than its surface. For example, we don’t know about Luca and Izzie’s history enough for us to proceed with the way they’re around each other. More explanations and information will definitely be much appreciated.

All in all, Corrupt Me is another Mafia story that I think some people will absolutely enjoy but unfortunately, it’s not really my cup of tea. Though I do have a great time knowing more about Luca and his notorious family background. 🙂

***Thanks to the author for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.***


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    1. At least you still support her as possible as you could! Sometimes I wonder if it’s okay to do so without having to read their books in the first place because how could you be sure people are going to love the author’s books? What if you don’t get the expected response from the readers? Will that affect your future support for authors? :O


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