Happy Anniversary on Smileybooklover!

14138982_1155109864559796_2059000283_oI can’t believe it’s been A YEAR since I first started this blog on exactly the same day last year! :O

It’s quite interesting to think back to that time when my motive to start blogging simply because I wanted to spread my love for books and recommend more books, both popular ones and those that deserve more readers, to the people around the world. Although starting it sounds really scary and for many people I know it’s a big deal to get familiar with the whole thing, I honestly learnt so much more than I’d ever expected here.

To start with, like I’ve always admitted, I wasn’t really super-active on my blog because somehow I feel like I have more close friends on Goodreads and that’s still my top favorite place to share my reviews & passion for books. However, there are other friends and fellow bloggers HERE who let me know that there’s actually a lot more than just books in this bookish world.

What I’ve gained most during my time of blogging is the ability to appreciate others’ posts. Before I entered this field, I have no idea that random people could write so many brilliant articles, short stories, and even poems. I mean, my knowledge was limited and I used to believe only professional writers, journalists, reviewers were capable of creating such beautiful words but ever since I read these posts by others, I was truly, incredibly impressed. Sometimes I think I can better relate to their words more than the professionals. And that feeling is beyond descriptions. 😀

Furthermore, I also learnt that in many aspects of life, I am not alone at all. Other than book reviews, I like reading posts from people around my age, aka college students, about their school and work life. I love to see how they deal with the inevitable pressure and changeable emotions because those are just so common for us to experience and understand. Knowing that most people have been through whatever feelings I have at the stressful moments indeed makes me feel relieved and even encourages me to stay strong. Thus, blogging may work wonder from time to time for everyone. 🙂


Anyway, it’s just the first year of my blog and I’m sure there are more to come. In the following years, I’m still going to love and enjoy reading YOUR posts and explore more wonderful bloggers at the same time. Most important of all, THANK YOU for constantly telling me your opinions on books and life!!! Without you, I won’t be able to come up with new ideas(though very few so far :P) and keep brainstorming for new reviews/posts. So, seriously, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. Love y’all! ❤


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary on Smileybooklover!

  1. Happy first year anniversary to your blog, Jasmine!!! I’m sure you’ll go even more greater heights! Keep blogging and never stop reading!

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