Review: Bridge of Snow (The Winner’s Trilogy #0.5) by Marie Rutkoski

20345368Ignore the stirrings of war. Let the carriage to a royal ball wait. There is a story to be told: of a starless night, a mother and her sick son, and a mortal who falls in love with the snow god, and will do anything to have her… (From: Goodreads)

Actual Rating: 5/5 Goddness’ Stars

For a novella, Bridge of Snow is a terrific masterpiece. It’s a story about Arin’s childhood and how he’s related to Herrani Gods in The Winner’s Curse. I personally think you don’t have to read this before starting the trilogy, but there’s nothing to complain when it comes to our beloved new bookish boyfriend, right?

Short story as it is, there’s still something I love and hold dearly in the tale his mother told him when he’s little and sick. I knew my passion for cosmology and everything stars-related didn’t come from nowhere! 😉

They scattered the sky, piercingly bright. They fell in patterns, in the images he had drawn for her. That is why we see constellations. The stars show his memories, which became hers. We still see them when we look up into the night at a black bridge covered with snow.

I really hope this story and Arin’s past will connect with whatever happens in the sequels. Maybe this is a foreshadowing of his meeting Kestrel. Just maybe.


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