Bookish Gratitude

Since I haven’t really finished any books recently, I decided to share my thought on something more casual but also book-related.

Last few weeks, I was busy preparing cramming for my midterm exams, so I was extremely exhausted everyday and I was like living in a cave with nothing exciting except textbooks and materials for presentation. Just when I thought my life couldn’t be boring enough, an email from a friend/author on Goodreads saved me.

The last time we chatted was approximately 4 or 5 months ago, when she offered me a chance to read her debut novel in exchange for an honest review, and after I told her how much I really loved her book, we shared the same kind of excitement then. Later, I guess she was gone for awhile to continue writing her prequel and sequels for the series or filmed her new movies or something alike. Anyway, I haven’t heard from her or interacted with her for some time.

On a seemingly uninteresting Monday morning, right before I headed for school, I checked my email because I had nothing else to do and guess what? MUCH, much to my surprise, she sent an email to ask me how’s everything going and some sweet greetings, AND most important of all, once again provided a special opportunity for me to read her upcoming book! Moreover, she even asked me whether I’d like to be one of her beta readers, which means I could read the so-called “unproofed ARCs”. For someone new to the entire bookish world, it’s undoubtedly the most exciting and amazing experience for me!

new arc.jpg


Afterwards, I kept thinking about all the unbelievably awesome encounterings/friendships I’ve got ever since I started joining all kinds of bookish groups or twitter chats in the past several months. All I feel is gratitude, gratitude, and gratitude. Not that I wasn’t grateful before, it’s just that this kind of feeling got stronger and stronger after I fell in love with books. The first time my friends on Goodreads left messages or comments on my statuses, I was like “Wow, so these people are really bookworms like me!” At least they gave me the motive to never stop discovering new books or writing reviews and brought warmth to my always-boring-social-media-life as well. I can’t be grateful and blissful enough whenever I receive a direct message from authors I adore, or get free books for reviews, or even sign up bookish activities. These are the reasons I never want to ignore those websites.

All in all, I just feel the urge to express my overwhelming feeling and gratitude to you. At the same time, I want to let you know that I now deeply believe that reading can more or less influence a person, shaping his/her personality and turn them into an awesome one. As an old saying goes, “A reader today, a leader tomorrow.” I start to understand the power of books and would never underestimate it from now on. 🙂

Tell me what books mean to you in the comment below!

Have a nice day! 😀 


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