Read-to-Review: 29 by Nancy Pennick

27467537Allie Sanders thinks life in a small town can’t get any more dull and boring. She plans to escape
after graduation. After a bad break-up, she wants to sail through junior year without distraction.
Then the mysterious loner sits down in front of her in AP English. He’s the guy she noticed last
year desperately trying to stay invisible. She wants to know his secrets.
Suddenly her much older military brother, Doug, makes a rare appearance. He takes a special
interest in her life. Suspicious of his motives Allie holds back, never really trusting him. Doug
wants what she wants—the boy she has come to love. No way would she let that happen. She’d go against family and friends to protect him—and his secrets—even if it ends up breaking her
(From: Goodreads)

**Thanks to YA Bound Book Tours and the author for offering an e-book copy in exchange for an honest review.**

Actual rating: 3/5 Niner Stars

What I like most about the story is the beginning. It’s really addictive and draws my attention immediately because of the mysterious “Niner”, Lucas Montgomery. I’m so eager to find out who or what he is and why he seems to know everything in advance. At first, the female main character, Allison Sanders, aka Allie, acts like an inexperienced spy, which is pretty funny throughout her discovery of him, trying to stalk Lucas after school and of course, with her strong determination, she reveals his secrets.

After knowing what he really is, the story doesn’t seem that interesting and intriguing anymore, sadly. I always have the feeling that sometimes those characters’ behavior, or their conversation sounds mature, but when I get the good impression on them, their next move turns out a little bit naïve and innocent. The story is full of high school drama, unreasonable tantrums, and even some childish reactions from Allie. For example, Allie’s crush for Lucas is more like an insta-love, which is probably the first time I’ve read about it, and after ignoring her on purpose for awhile, he suddenly kisses her and they become a cute couple. BUT, he mysteriously disappears afterwards, so Allie decides to give her ex a second chance. To be honest, there is a huge part of the story works out like this, without a good reason for a certain outcome to happen. Or perhaps that’s because I can’t understand what they mean.

All in all, it’s a rather quick and light read for me, and the first chapters are really tempting, but the story simply doesn’t live up to my expectation. Still, if you like to read something like pure, puppy love combined with some secrecy and slight violence, then I definitely recommend this!


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