Review: Interview with a Hex Boy (Divinicus Nex Chronicles #1.5) by A&E Kirk

22909829Want to get insight into the Hex Boys inner most thoughts and dreams? Here’s your chance! Those Hexy Knights from the #1 Best Selling Divinicus Nex Chronicles series are dishing it up with wonderful women of the book blogging world. Character interviews have never been so much fun!

When Demons at Deadnight went on tour, several awesome ladies of the book blogging world took on the task of interviewing this crazy group of guys, and hilarity ensued. This is a collection of the interviews where all six boys, Ayden, Jayden, Matthias, Blake, Logan, and Tristan make appearances and answer questions. Maybe something you always wanted to ask! You’ll enjoy plenty of laughs and get to know the boys better! (From: Goodreads)

Actual rating: 3.5/5 Hexy stars

It’s a short story including interviews with Matthias, Blake, Tristan, Ayden respectively and all 6 Hex Boys together, and 5 fangirling bloggers served as interviewers. In those face-to-face interviews, they(Matthias, Blake, Tristan, and Ayden) were all interrupted by the fellow teammates so it made no difference whether they had their own private moment with those beautiful ladies. *evil grinning*

Anyway, this book is simply a light, funny read and if you haven’t met the Hexy Knights yet, it’s time to expand your list of book-boyfriends! 😀


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