Review: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas

20613470She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one.

Celaena Sardothien has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak—but at an unspeakable cost. Now she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth…a truth about her heritage that could change her life—and her future—forever.

Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. To defeat them, Celaena must find the strength to not only fight her inner

demons but to battle the evil that is about to be unleashed. (From: Goodreads)

In my opinion, this book was all about ROWAN WHITETHORN. Sorry if I’m biased, but it’s hard to deny my love for him!

First thing I’d like to say is that thanks to Rowan, the entire series became so much intriguing for me. After I’m finished, all I can recall happening in the book is everything related to Rowan and unbelievable truth about Aelin Galathynius. The images of that gorgeous, tattoo-cladded Fae warrior still freshly linger in my brain and there’s no way I can forget him anytime soon. So I’ll focus on him in the following thoughts. 🙂

Before we savor brush up on precious memories of Rowan, let me make a brief summary for this book:


As we know, Celaena was sent to Wendlyn to assassinate the royal family initially, and therefore, she met other interesting people/demi-Fae/Fae there. The author put some unforgettable characters here and among them, I’ll say Aedion impressed me most. He was Aelin‘s cousin and at first, because of the strange, magical ring he wore when he entered the court of Adarlan, I literally thought he was enthralled and under the King’s control entirely. Much to my surprise, he wasn’t what I thought he was at all! Love his treacherous and disobedient characteristic.

With the time flowing, certain things were meant to occur in different parts of the world which was thoughtfully built. In a nutshell, the author intertwined the main three storylines throughout the book, and they were world in Adarlan, what was going on with the Ironteeth witches(which I found pretty absurd and pointless because I couldn’t see the purpose of mixing them here), and my favorite part with Aelin and Rowan respectively. Although I have to admit that I kept looking for chapters of “Rowaelin”, I believe there’s a reason for the author to write a story in this way. Perhaps I’ll get the answers I want in the sequels.

Apparently, Celaena/Aelin’s journey hadn’t ended and she had bigger problems to deal with after she headed back to Adarlan. The continued story once again filled with surprises that always caught me off guard when those twists popped out of nowhere. Compared to book 2, I was much more astonished about the plot at that time, simply because this one centered on the tremendous change when Rowan Whitethorn showed up. So lots of events were indispensable and met up my expectation as well.

There are 2…incidents I’d like to share my feelings with you.
1)Sorscha and Dorian: Never did I expect Dorian would find another girl after Celaena left him TEMPORARILY. Even though I knew he had quite a reputation when it came to women, it never struck me with such…obvious evidence. I mean, I don’t really like him for starters, but all he had done with girls made me dislike him more. Although a part of me felt relieved and happy that he finally found someone who could make him comfortable and move on, another part of me still wish that he didn’t have those histories with ladies. As for Sorscha, I was extremely grieved when the soldier sliced her throat on the spot, in front of Dorian. How could the author write such gory, bloody, cruel scene? It made me feel that the killings and murders from Celaena, or the way she used to dispatch her enemies were nothing compared to the brutality the King instructed here. I couldn’t stand it actually. It was mere sadness and unspeakable pain occupying my hollow mind.
2)Chaol and Celaena no more: Once Chaol found out the true identity of Celaena, his dream about their future shattered into pieces. So was I. Sorry, Chaol, but I decided to switch team and from now on, I am and will TeamRowan all the way. Don’t get me wrong, I still love you but I did so to avoid disappointment later(just in case!) and whatnot.

He’d known, since the moment he figured out who she was, that while Celaena would always pick him, Aelin would not.

Phew! Alright, let’s relive all those beautiful moments with our beloved Fae warrior, Rowan!
What I love about this book is that we finally get to see Celaena’s weakness. Because of Rowan, he managed to bring out her vulnerable side and as you know, she was all that badass and tough from the very beginning, but now, she was totally different!
Of course, I didn’t like him at all because he was extremely arrogant and bossy and he PUNCHED her whenever he wanted! Fae or not, there was no way you can hit a girl as you like! He made me want to jump into the book and pummel his face as hard as I can. Pathetically, she wasn’t fast enough to fight back compared to the Fae, as a result, she could only endure the eternal pain. And I also hated him for his choice of words. Like how he taunted and threatened her without knowing anything about her past or what she had been through.

“You would probably have been more useful to the world if you’d actually died ten years ago.”

I truly felt terrible for Aelin when she had to train with Rowan in order to go to Doranelle. She started to believe that she was useless and her life was a total failure. Her self-preservation began to falter.

“Because she is dead, and I am left with my worthless life!”

But everything started to change when Rowan showed a teeny tiny bit of…interest care after one of their not-so-much-improvement training days.

“You don’t bite the women of other males.”

Seriously, Rowan? Since when did you care whether she had another man or not?
There was time when Aelin couldn’t bear anymore insults and all the pessimistic truth about her and she decided to leave. She didn’t belong to anywhere; she had nowhere to go; she was completely lost. What’s worse, she drew attention of the creepy skinwalkers. Thank Gods Rowan didn’t leave her behind this time, and that was because of his own tragic experience. I’m happy he didn’t make the same mistake after losing…you know whom I’m talking about, right?

Rowan raced toward the rising roar of the river, swollen from the spring rains, his pace slower than she’d expected, but . . . but he was slowing for her.

Thankfully, he eventually realized how deeply he had hurt her feelings after saying all those horrible words and he told her his personal encountering two hundred years ago. Thus, the thin thread of hope ignited between them. It wasn’t a promise, nor was it a vow; it was simply a hope, a tiny expectation for them.

“But maybe,” he said, quietly enough that she looked at him again. He didn’t smile, but his eyes ­were inquisitive. “Maybe we could find the way back together.”

That was when I began to like him.
I like the thought of them facing all sorts of threat, damage, and danger together. To whatever end. At least they found each other and maybe there was a chance to piece them together. No matter how hopeless the circumstances were.

“At least if you’re going to hell,” he said, the vibrations in his chest rumbling against her, “then we’ll be there together.”

It was another way of interpretation for their fates, wasn’t it?
All I can hope for is that their relationship can heat up to a certain level one of those days in that I really, really, really want to see both of them lead a happy-ever-after life!

Gavriel murmured, “Good luck, Rowan.”

Yep, good luck, Rowan. Listen to your heart and follow wherever that arrow guides you.
During the long session of her training in control of magic, Aelin made a tremendous progress in the end. It seemed that she became more persevere and determined after her relationship with Rowan improved. Although he still didn’t claim her as a friend then, there was no doubt that he started to feel something for her. Protective, even.(Yeah, just keep telling yourself that it was “male’s responsibility and job”. XD)

… his other hand still in hers. But he didn’t let go. And when she awoke before dawn, warm and safe and rested, Rowan was still holding her hand, clasped to his chest.

As for the ending, wow, I’m totally speechless for what happened to the blood oath. Aelin was amazing. Rowan was even more impressive. All in all, I hope you ship Rowan and Aelin as much as I do! The story was sooooooo good as if it was just the beginning. I know there’ll be a lot to come in the next 3 books and their adventure hasn’t started off, yet.

Ice and fire. Frost and embers. Locked in a battle, pushing and pulling. Beneath it, she could almost taste Rowan’s steel will slamming against her magic—­a will that refused to let the fire burn her into nothing.


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