Review: Writing On The Wall (Survival#1) by Tracey Ward

writing on the wallIt’s been nearly a decade since the world ended. Since Joss watched her parents die at the hands of a nightmare, a nightmare that stalks her even now, all these years later. That’s the problem with the Risen – they refuse to die.

But Joss is a survivor. A loner living in the post-apocalyptic streets of Seattle. It’s a world dictated by Risen and the looming threat of the Colonists, a group of fellow survivors living comfortably in their compounds and patrolling the wild, looking to “save” the orphans of the end.

Orphans like Joss.
Like Ryan.

As a member of an all male gang, Ryan is a threat as real as the Risen, a threat Joss avoids at all costs. Then one night their paths cross and Joss makes a choice that goes against all of her instincts. A choice that will threaten everything she has.

Now a new outbreak is imminent and the Colonists are closing in. Joss’ solitary, secret world is blown wide open and the comfortable numbness she’s lived in for the last six years will burn away leaving her aching and afraid.

And awake. (From: Goodreads)

*This is by far my most favorite series of all time and I highly recommend it to all of you! Please, you’ll fall in love with Joss & Ryan!                                        

I miss your kiss.
First up, I LOVE the book and judging from the above quote, it was not an ordinary romantic story with a seventeen-year-old girl named Joss and a tall, broad-shouldered guy named Ryan(who reminded her as Jack Ryan in the movie Sixteen Candles but he looked nothing like him, lol). Nope, it was a beautiful encounter for both of them and they lived in a messed up apocalyptic world surrounded by zombies, wild animals, the Colonists, and bunch of gangs.

I love everything in this story, including characters, place settings, and twisting plots.

I love Jocelyn, aka Joss because she was another badass, brave girl who had the nerve to kick her enemy’s ass when necessary, even if she knew how hopeless she would be.

I know that sounds calloused and that’s because I am; I’m calloused. I have a hard exterior and none of the soft, nougaty center to balance it out. I’ve worked hard to sink the callouses down deep, layer after layer until I’m more Jawbreaker than anything else.

I love how she met Ryan by accident, well, not exactly accidentally, but it was a matter of her impulsive decision to save him from a fierce wolf. Better yet, they met each other in the very beginning of the story, which left me in ecstasy then. At first, she was hostile and alerted around him, but eventually regained her long lost trust and brought back her emotions; what’s more, she gradually allowed herself to have some feelings for him because he did care for her. Sounds like a great development between them!

I’m at the tip of the arc, at the closest point where the comet travels by the earth. I want to reach out my hand and trail my fingers through its shimmering tail of gray dust and starlight. I want a piece of it to stay with me, to cling to me and be one more thing I carry with me forever. One more load I happily bear.

And the surprise never ended in the book. I love it because Joss was a genius for picking one of my favorite songs to play for Ryan when they explored her innovative iPod—Imagine Dragons-Radioactive! Seriously, she really chose this one and it fit their situation so well: Being alone to be a survivor to fight against the apocalypse full of scary crawlers in her worst nightmare and zombies.

I pick a song to play for him. My favorite, because why not share them all with him tonight? Why not let the things I love out to breath and exist for eyes and ears other than my own? I’m finding that it makes them fresh and new to me again. Brighter and shinier than they’ve ever been. Myself included.

I’m waking up to ash and dust

I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust

I’m breathing in the chemicals

I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus

This is it, the apocalypse

By the time Ryan had to go back to his gang, Joss made up her mind to leave her place since she couldn’t fully trust him, not under the circumstance where everybody had to find their own way out in the world after, not when she carefully conceal her insecurity and fear before any stranger.(Yep, even after they spent a night together, she hadn’t put down her guard completely.)

That’s when I see the writing on the wall.


red brick

I know urs, u know mine

don’t go

Fortunately, time could ease away her traumatic fear; that is, she was afraid of watching people around her died from cannibal zombies or other brutal ways. As she spent more time with Ryan, I think he could somehow warm up the icy cold exterior of her heart and made her tried to feel this kind of new experience with him. What I’m saying is I love their first kiss and that was not only a huge step for them but a heartfelt promise.

I give up, I give in. I hold on and I enjoy the moment as the comet crash lands onto the earth and razes the entire world.

What I also love about the book was the funny banters among characters. Everyone had unique attitude and feature, and in the end of the story, Joss was recruited caught by one of the strongest Colonies in the neighborhood. Helplessly, she decided to make a deal with those who yearned for freedom, or at least wanted to get out of there. I was thrilled about their rescue plan but things always turned out the opposite way as they planned.
Hence, Joss managed to escape from the Colony but she hadn’t figured out where she had to go or what to do next. Only one thing was for sure: she was alone, again. This time was harder than before because she was supposed to rally an army and lead a Trojan Horse to the Colony save them. They all counted on her.

I work harder than I ever have before to find my numb. To get it back, to be the unfeeling, uncrying, unafraid, unaffected husk I have been for the last six years. To be the girl who survives. But I’m not her anymore. I haven’t been since the comet and the music and the kiss. Since the words on the wall. Since the back of the van. Since the kitchen and the laughter.

Honestly, I don’t really have a penchant for zombies, but those in this book were kinda cool. 🙂
The story left with a cliffhanger in the end and I can’t wait to read the next book!

Are you a Wendy? Or are you a mother**cking Tinkerbell?


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