Review: Tearing Down The Wall (Survival#3) by Tracey Ward

tearing down the wallThe Colonists have attacked.

Their ships blaze in the dark on the inky black waters of the Sound. They’ll burn through the night, remnants of a battle lost. A battle won by the Vashons. This time.

What will come with the morning light is still a mystery, especially to Joss and her Lost Boys. They’re entering the sanctuary of a strange tribe, one shunned by the rest of the wild. One feared and hated for their complete loss of humanity and pure savagery.

But they’ll soon discover that things in Neverland are rarely as they seem.

The world is changing, a war is brewing and as the fight they’ve started comes to a head, they’ll be forced to decide.

Do they want to survive?
Or do they want to live?
(From: Goodreads)

Wow, this is the first time I gave 5 stars to the entire series; not The Hunger Games, not Divergent, and not even series from Jennifer L. Armentrout(If you know me well, you’ll know that I’m seriously addicted to her books! Although in this case, there are still some books I dislike compared to others in the same series.). Actually, the Survival trilogy deserved so, so, so much more than just 5 stars.


Joss and Ryan’s apocalyptic story continued, but they realized there were secrets either the Colonists or The Hive, the most powerful gang in the area, kept behind. In this book, there were many brutal, bloodthirsty, and gory fighting scenes of both humans and zombies. The author managed to capture the exact moment in between, combining the instant actions with strong emotions all at once.

One false move, just a little too much pressure on the wrong spot, and BAM! We’ll remember you fondly. I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful BBQ for your cannibal buddies to doggy bag home.

What I like about the story is the way the author put those hilarious banters into those seemingly hazardous situations when Joss and her friends companions dealt with serious problems, definitely lighting up all the protagonists’ mood then. Well, at least it worked on me.

“Are you going to sleep with your knife on your hip?”
“I’d be stupid not to.”
“Should I be worried I’ll wake up with it in my gut the way I woke up to your elbow in my face?”

Moreover, I have no idea what it was for Joss with all the Peter Pan stuff. She seemed really into those fairytales a lot. No wonder she deemed herself as Tinkerbell, of course, not that pretty, seductive fairy, it was the one with broken wings, being caged in the dark corner by zombies and crawlers instead. Anyway, she was kind of cute in her metaphor and personification.

“That is precisely the point, yes,” Elijah agrees.
“From what Andy heard in your meeting with Marlow—”
“Captain Hook,” Trent corrects.
“Shush,” I whisper to him, exasperated.
“Hey, it’s your thing. I’m only trying to help.”

Oh, I haven’t mentioned how much I love the development in Joss and Ryan’s relationship. Apparently, we can see that Joss was struggling with her own emotional management, not knowing how to express her true feelings and even worse, she kept pushing him away when she was totally stressed out. Honestly, I felt truly sorry and sympathetic for her poor social skills most of the time when it came to facing her thoughts. She’d let them gnaw at her heart, her mind but wouldn’t make effort to vent her anger, desperation, or confess her love no matter how Crenshaw or Trent kept persuading her.

Win or lose, live or die, I’m with him all the way.

Luckily, she EVENTUALLY managed to overcome her all-time fear that everyone who was close to her would die because of zombies or became one, which prevented her from having emotions, and PLUCKED UP HER COURAGE TO “man up like a man and tell the guy he loves him. Yay! I was practically cheering crazily for her at that moment! The best and the worst part was that they DID share something longingly intimate but it ended before it started. Not many details and the author left much to the imagination, though. Not that I was complaining about their small warming-up, but I just need more of them!
All in all, I’m satisfied about the entire trilogy and everything happened to the characters were unforgettable. Perhaps I might like zombies a little more now. 🙂 The review won’t complete without my selected soundtracks and those are for Joss & Ryan:
R. City ft. Adam Levine-Lock Away: For how the two of them met and how they stayed with each other in the end.
A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera-Say Something, Roxette-Listen To Your Heart, and Demi Lovato-Heart by Heart: The moment Joss was finally able to be fearless and said those never-getting-tired-to-say three words to Ryan.
One Direction-They Don’t Know About Us and Auburn-Perfect Two: To our favorite one true pairing in the post-apocalyptic world. They were meant for each other the moment they met. Joss/Jocelyn x Ryan Hyperion

Thanks to Mita, who recommended this fantastic series to me, it was an incredible reading experience for me.

Thanks to the author, Tracey Ward, who did an excellent job in creating awesome characters and what impressed me most was the way she tightly connected all of them from the beginning to the end. To put it differently, there were no more cliffhanger, no unanswered questions, no confusing spots. I tried to recall those characters in the story from book 1 through this one and I got all their whereabouts without slight uncertainty. Much to my surprise, Tracey wrapped everything up perfectly, absolutely flawless. Well done! I genuinely hope you guys enjoy this series as much as I do. 😀


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