Review: Backs Against The Wall (Survival#2) by Tracey Ward

backs against the wallJoss has escaped the Colonies but her troubles have only just begun. She’s wounded, exposed and vulnerable but worst of all, she needs help. And there’s only one place she can go to get it. Only one place she can stand to be.

With Ryan.

Together they’ll have to delve into the seedy underworld of post-apocalyptic Seattle. A world of gambling, fighting, secrets and lies. A world governed by The Hive.

But the deeper they sink, the more they’ll find that The Hive isn’t everything it seems. That even the mighty have someone to fear. Is the enemy of their enemy their friend? Or is there another threat, one greater than the Risen or the Colonies, looming in the distance? (From: Goodreads)

Yes! The story was just getting more and more exciting! I could feel the main character, Joss’s anxiety, anger, excitement, troublesome, and worries all at once when reading this book. It’s soooo good, guys! Ugh, I think I’ve said this more than a thousand times just want to emphasize how incredibly amazing the story was!

Okay, to begin with, Joss successfully narrowly escaped from the Colonists, one of the most powerful gangs remaining on the zombie-apocalyptic place in the America, as we know from the ending of the previous book, Writing on the Wall. Accordingly, this book started with Joss’s admirable bravery and toughness while she fought fiercely against the Risen/zombies with a broken arm. Miraculously, she met Trent, Ryan’s roommate and best friend, who stealthily appeared in a dark alley and came to her help. Though it didn’t happen happily like that, of course. Trent was a smart guy with few words. That’s the reason I sorta love him from the moment he came into my life.

“We’re going to go in a side entrance,” Trent tells me, his eyes fixed on mine. I am powerless to ignore him and that stare. “Don’t make a sound. Don’t ask any questions. Don’t leave my side. Do you understand?”
His jaw clenches for a split second. “What?”
“Where are you taking me?”
“Inside the den,” he says slowly.
“No, I get that. I’m asking where you’re taking me once we’re inside. You’re obviously hiding me, but I want to know where.”
“Ryan’s room.”
“Does Ryan have a roommate I should worry about?”
“Yes and no.”
“You wanna take a second and spell that out for me?” I ask, feeling annoyed.
“Yes, Ryan has a roommate. No, you don’t have to worry about him.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s me.”

Apparently, he wasn’t that bad as he seemed, at least he helped her get to Ryan. Oh, speaking of Ryan, his reaction when he saw her sudden appearance(don’t forget that he knew she was taken for several weeks) was remarkable, making me laugh.

“Hey, Trent, you’re back. Where did you go—“ Ryan’s voice dies out the second he sees me. Then it bursts to life again, far too loud. “What the f–!!! How did–?!?!”

Try imagining his facial expression, and you’ll get what I mean.
Since Joss and Ryan were back together, their relationship was the cherry on top for the story. Deliciously beautiful. Not entirely romantic, but I’m glad Joss wasn’t playing Tomboy anymore and she did have some girlish jealousy feelings when it came to her boy.

“Hey, it’s one of the perks. You get good at it, the women start flocking to you.”
I point my finger at his mangled face. “Never again!”
He laughs all the way to the bathroom.

They were adorable. She was cute and he was even cuter. There were some brutal fighting scenes involving Ryan and prepared-to-kill(Beware of the term! It’s “to-kill”, not “to-be-killed”!)zombies. Watching him fighting in the Arena like a wild beast(the entire process made me tremble and my palms sweat) wasn’t easy for her, let alone he was fighting for her. So…that kinda made her figure out her heart as well as her true feelings, the ones she’d never experienced before, not after the zombie apocalypse.

Now I’m wondering what better way there is to make sure it’s never stolen, never taken away like everything else that was ever mine, than to give it to someone. Someone who’s patient. Strong. Understanding. Someone who knows it’s worth so much more than a Benjamin, that you could never put a price on it, that it’s not rare because it’s hard to come by. It’s rare because it’s me. The last of me.

It’s good to see her finally was willing to let her guard down a tad bit. Because of him. For him.

He’s so close, so close. It’s suffocating but I push past it because it’s worth it and I want it. I want this. I want him. I want me when I’m with him, when I’m strong and I’m fighting and I’m trying for other people. When I’m alive and I’m hopeful and I’m not just surviving. I’m living, I’m laughing and I’m in lo—

The more you spent time with Trent, you’ll realize that he was pretty cool sometimes. Very…altruistic realistic.

“Joss, you take the bed. I don’t know if they’ll make good on the promise of other mattresses but even if they don’t Trent and I will be fine on the floor.”
“I can sleep on the floor.”
“We all can sleep on the floor,” Trent says. “No one is saying you can’t. But it’s not very chivalrous for either of us to take the bed with a girl in the mix.”
“So you’re saying we’re all equal, but I’m a girl so I get the bed?”
“Doesn’t make any sense, does it?” He shrugs. “Maybe that’s why chivalry is dead. It’s dumb.”

Obviously, it was hard not to like him in any possible way. 🙂
At almost the end of the book, they found another interesting place called Elysium, or Heaven, or The Vashon across the sea. The residents there were hilarious despite the fact that all of them were in serious condition, umm… like the risk of being ambushed.

Taylor glares down at him. “Were you sleeping?”
“Are you lying?”
“Perfect. They could have gotten out. Killed us all in our sleep.”

To be honest, it was something more problematic than that, and you’ll have to see for yourself in the last book. Which means, Tracey Ward once again left us with an annoying anticipative cliffhanger in the end.
In summary, I can’t help but recommend this book to those who haven’t read it or heard of it. Trust me, it’s worth reading.Well, at least for me, it was! Anyway, I’m gonna carve this map in my head for fear that I’ll get lost without Joss, Ryan, and Trent later!


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